Elaborated with the very latest actives in professional cosmetic.

It has in its composition, coconut water, natural vitamins and seaweed, which form a network of Biopolymers Moisturizers that act deeply in all internal structural of the wire.

Cauterization that seals and remakes the wire scales twice, reducing porosity and improving the resistance of the hair fiber.



It was designed with manioc extract, Omega 3 and linseed oil, the manioc line has emollient and nourishing action that repairs and aligns the hair, fortifying and increasing its resistance.

Its formula is ideal for removing dead cells and restoring hair quality, provides softness, silkiness and protecting the hair from aging through the action of antioxidants ingredients that stimulate the hair growth, leaving them with natural shine.

Intense Moisturizing Creams


Intense moisturizing creams give shine and strength to the hair. Each cream was designed to provide a different result to the hair, from anti-frizz action and natural treatment to intense glow and more strength to hair.